Junk status - downgrade - South Africa s Junk Status Downgrade - The Impact.

One might argue, since the repo rate has remained the same for way too long and there might be interest rate cuts. However that seems very unlikely unless there would be changes in the inflation downward spiral.

So! If SA was a person earning a salary, they’d be spending more than they earn and so they’d start pawning their stuff (JSE) at low prices

Jannie Rossouw, the head of the school of economic and business sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand, was a senior official at the Reserve Bank for many years, including those when South Africa, a fledgling democracy, clawed its way out of junk status to become investment grade.

Junk Status - DowngradeJunk Status - DowngradeJunk Status - DowngradeJunk Status - Downgrade